How Gamers Protect Themselves

Online gambling is a rapidly growing industry and users must employ a careful strategy of protecting themselves from the scams that often affect this industry. The most important factor in choosing an online casino is ensuring the gamer is dealing with a reputable company. The following guidelines are critical when choosing an online casino.

Look for Valid Gaming Licenses

All respectable online casinos are licensed and regulated by the gambling authority from the jurisdiction in which the operator is based. A valid license provides the gamer with added security. License information should be published and easily accessible on the gaming website. If a sites license is not listed, it is best to avoid doing business with that site.

Play with Reputable Software

Finding out the underlying software platform of an online casino is just as important as checking for a gaming license. The best casinos are those powered by industry leading solutions by vendors like Microgaming, Playtech and Vegas Technology. If a casino does not list their gaming platform, choose one that does. Gambling with a site using a industry leading software vendor protects gamers while playing.


The easiest way to check an online casinos security measures is to see if the form where a gamer enters their personal financial information is a SSL encrypted page. This kind of encryption prevents credit card numbers and other sensitive data from being stolen. A site that does not use SSL encrypting is most likely not a reputable company.

Fraud has been a tremendous problem in the internet world, especially on virtual casino sites. Gamers must use the above listed practice when choosing a site. Protecting your data and financial data is the only way to guard against identity theft and being scammed.